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Founded in 1975 by Dr. Ali Mirkhan, Peykareh Group has a history of around half a century in production of downstream petrochemical based B2B products for the industrial sector.

Our products range from consumables, packaging materials and containers, pallets and straps, IML based products, multi-layer polymer films (FFS), etc.

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We have been supporting various environmental projects in Middle East since 70's and we are making sure that it is our pledge to planet Earth.

Our  product, strapping materials, exemplifies sustainability. It ensures that transported goods are secured with minimal use of hazard materials. However, sustainability means for us not only taking responsibility for our products, but also for our environment, the local region - Middle East - our customers and employees. As an independent, family-managed enterprise, we are in a position to assume this responsibility.

Our Group, established on 1971, provides a wide range of solutions in the Field of packaging and material handling

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